Regarding The chorus in general

How I found Sacramento Valley Chorus
I was looking for a new musical avenue in my life, when an unexpected door opened up. I was sitting at work one day when 4 women came into the lobby of the Credit Union I worked at. They were all dressed in black pants, black shirts and pink sparkly vests. I was like what is happening here. The must have asked to speak to the manager because I saw him leave his office. There was some conversation and then all of a sudden they started singing.

I was floored, they were amazing. I came down from where my desk was to get a closer listen. My manager gave me a look like I had orchestrated this whole thing. I told him later that I had no idea who those women were.

They were a Valentine Quartet from Sacramento Valley Chorus. They had just received a check in their quartet name Chord on Blue. They wanted to prove that they indeed were a quartet.

I talked to them about who was singing what part. They let me know that the parts for barbershop were different from a normal choir. It was then that one of my tellers ratted me out and told them that I could sing. They provided me the info for the next rehearsal, which thankfully was the next day. I went to the rehearsal and never looked back. I was even able to compete that year and received my first 2nd place Regional medal.

I love Sacramento Valley Chorus. I have so many amazing memories, stories relationships because of this amazing group of ladies. SVC has performed at Carnegie Hall and has been a competitor in the 2015 & 2017 International competitions. We are off again to our 3rd international in 2019. What a ride.

I'm grateful everyday that I get to sing & perform with these ladies in an attempt to better ourselves and harmonize the world.

In harmony,
Becky Garcia

I have been a Sweet Adeline since 1992. I accidently heard a Camellia City Chorus quartet sing at a melodrama performance, loved the style, talked with the performers, and hitched a ride with their carpool to go to a chorus rehearsal. The rest, they say, is history. I joined in late 1992 and have always sung Baritone. I read music and had sung Alto all my life, so Baritone was a good fit for me. I soon became a Board Member, Chapter President, Section Leader, and sang Baritone in a fun quartet called "Melody 'N Mischief". I especially like singing for Director, Sharon Carlson.
However, the chapter ran into some hard times and decided to dissolve their charter in late 1999. I was still working at the time and decided to take a hiatus of almost years because my mother became ill.
I was fortunate to attend a Sacramento Valley Chorus show at the Crest Theater in 2001 and decided it was time to return to the risers. I joined them in 2002. When my mother became even more ill in 2003, I decided to retire from my regular job of teaching and work for my school district part-time. I became the administrator of the Gifted & Talented Program for the district. My mother passed away in the Fall of 2003 and I became more interested in the administrative side of the chorus. I became chorus VP and when the current Pres. became our Interim Director, I took over as the President. It was at that time that we decided to change our Governance to a Management Team model and I led the chorus through that transition for the next 3 years. Since then, I've been Communication Coordinator, Baritone Section Leader, and am now the Marketing Coord.
I have been in a competitive quartet since 2005 and enjoy that very much. Currently, I'm also singing with the daytime chorus, the Extension Chords and a new version of my longtime quartet, Vibrance.. I'm learning so much and appreciate my past Directors Patty Easley & Lynne Erickson. Our current Director Dede is leading us into rarified territory and I'm happy to be a part of that endeavor!
- Bonnie Flint

Why I joined SVC?
I was a member with another chorus at the time and Judi Naill invited me to come to their show in Orangevale. I was so impressed by the beautiful sound of this much larger chorus as well as the kind of music they featured. The songs were not stereotypical barbershop music but a nice blend of pop, jazz and traditional. The joy in the music was evident in all the shiny faces as well. The following week I visited the chorus's rehearsal and three weeks later I passed my audition song. I haven't regretted the commitment of time and money since.
- Donna Wierzbowski - Granite Bay, CA