is a non-profit organization

We depend on the public to help us earn the money to support our chorus needs and projects. Here are some ways you can help us.


We have people and companies that support us yearly by sending funds for our use. For more information about this, click on the Sponsorships link.


  • You can donate money on the Big Day Of Giving.
  • You can make general financial donations to help support the basic needs of the chorus.
  • You can donate your time to help with shows, projects or events.      

Participate in our Fundraising/Commission Earning Links:

Other Fundraisers:

Watch the list below to get more information about upcoming events, when they will occur, and how you can get involved. We will appreciate your help in whatever area you can be active!

Annual Fundraising Calendar:

    Monthly - Fundraiser Dinners at local restaurants
    February - Singing Valentines
    May - Big Day of Giving
    August - Race For The Arts
    November - Annual Show
    December Holidays, Easter and Mother's Day - See's Candies