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Member Resources is for members to find tools to help improve singing.

Ten ideas for the singer who doesn't think they can practice on their own.

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Mon, Jul 27 2020Art of Legato - Dede's Zoom Class 2020-07-26Teaching Resource - Video
Thu, Sep 22 2022Babershop 101 - SAI docTeaching Resource - Handouts
Wed, Mar 24 2021Morning Warmups Handout - Da Doo Ron Ron (updated)Teaching Resource - Handouts
Wed, Jan 6 2021Dede's Warmups Music for WinterTeaching Resource - Handouts
Tue, Jan 5 2021Dede's Warmups Songs of Thanks and FriendsTeaching Resource - Handouts
Thu, Jul 18 2019YouTube /Dave Stevens - What We Are Trying to PreserveTeaching Resource - Tutorials
Thu, Jul 18 2019Why Power Pose?Teaching Resource - Tutorials