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  • SVC - Looking for Rental Space
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Jul 14 2021
    SVC - Looking for Rental Space

    The Award-Winning Sacramento Valley Chorus is looking to rent a rehearsal space!  After a long time of rehearsing only on ZOOM, we can now meet in person and once again hear the harmony we can only hear when all four parts are present.
    If you have a place or know of a place that may work for us, PLEASE let us know so we can check it out.  Our contact information:

    Specifications for Rehearsal Space: 
    1. Room approximately 60 feet by 45 feet (to accommodate the choral risers). 
      1. Ceilings at least 12 feet high, but not much more. 
      2. Acoustic tiles in the ceiling would be a plus.
    2. Breakout rooms (3 preferred) for section rehearsals and meeting rooms on occasion
    3. Carpeting preferred
    4. Storage space for risers and sound equipment
    5. Free Parking for a large group.  Lighted parking lot a plus.
    6. Bathrooms
    7. Available tables and chairs – at least 4 tables and 50 chairs
    8. Heating and Air Conditioning
    9. Handicap access
    10. Available every Wednesday evening (Occasional Friday Evenings and Saturdays 9 – 5)
    11. Security if possible
    12. Preferably in the greater Sacramento area

    We are a nonprofit organization with 501 (c) (3) status, and we carry our own insurance provided by Sweet Adelines International.

    Visit our website:

  • SVC Strong by Michelle Cordova
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jul 1 2021
    SVC Strong by Michelle Cordova
    Sacramento Valley's newest member Michelle Cordova submitted an article for the Sweet Adeline International publication of the Pitch Pipe. Her article talks about what it is like to pass her audition on the last day of live rehearsal before the pandemic shutdown. SVC is so fortunate to have Michelle as a member and we look forward to getting to know her better as we open back up to in-person rehearsals in the near future.

    Please enjoy: SVC Strong by Michelle Cordova
  • Pearl Harbor Tour - Participation Agreement & Registration (Sacramento Valley Chorus)
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jun 17 2021
    Pearl Harbor Tour - Participation Agreement & Registration
    Aloha from SVC Tour Committee,

    We are excited about our upcoming Pearl Harbor Tour and look forward to your participation. This tour is open to all Friends of Sacramento Valley Chorus, You can join us on this tour as a singer or as an audience member.

    To sign up please click on the attachment and follow the instructions. Once we have received your submitted participation agreement, we will send you a confirmation and an individual financial statement.  Looking forward to traveling together,

    SVC Tour Committee
    Stefanie Carson - Tour Coordinator
    Maxine Verma - Tour Finance Coordinator

    Pearl Harbor Tour
  • Sacramento Valley Chorus Director Search
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Jun 17 2021
    Sacramento Valley Chorus Director Search

    Announcing! Our wonderful director, Dede Nibler, is retiring shortly after the Region 12 Regional Contest in May, 2022. Though we will miss Dede as our director, this opens an exciting opportunity for one lucky person to direct a high-level, competitive women's barbershop chorus. Sacramento Valley Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, is seeking a dynamic director with skills, interpersonal and musical, to help us achieve our goals.

    If you, or anyone you know is interested in applying for the coveted SVC Director position, please contact

    For more information about Sacramento Valley Chorus check out our website:
    Visit us on Facebook:

    #SweetAdelineStrong #SacramentoValleyChorus #PacificShoresRegion12
  • Big Day of Giving 2021
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Apr 20 2021
    Big Day of Giving 2021
  • Wake Up with Dede - vocal conditioning and warm up session
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Jan 31 2021
    Wake Up with Dede - vocal conditioning and warm up session
    Dede Nibler - Master Director of Sacramento Valley Chorus, is hosting WAKE UP WITH DEDE, 
    a Tues-Thurs 30-minute vocal conditioning and warm-up session, which begins at 9:30 AM Tuesday through Thursday. You are invited to join in for humming, bubbling, trilling, arpeggioing, appoggioing, and many other fun warm-ups. There will be fun songs and rounds.

    For the ZOOM link for this event contact:

    You can come one day a week, two, three, or four!  Come as you are - in your pajamas, hair not perfect, no makeup (who wears makeup anymore), barefoot, and comfy!  That will be me! This daily morning vocal warm-up session will help strengthen your breathing and singing skills.  

    Classes start again on January 5th T-TH @ 9:30 am - weekly T, W &TH

    Happy New Year! 

    Jan/Feb handout
  • Deke Sharon's visit with SVC 10-07-2020
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Oct 9 2020
    Deke Sharon's visit with SVC 10-07-2020
    We were honored to have Deke Sharon visit our rehearsal on October 7, 2020. Here is his talk about "Moving BBS into the Future"
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Moving BBS Into The Future
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Oct 1 2020
    Moving BBS Into The Future
    Come join us on YouTube Live Stream to hear what Deke Sharon has to say about BBS / A Cappella singing into the future. 

    This is the YouTube Live Stream Link for our event:  
    we go live at 7:20 pm. 

    Due to the number of Region 12 members interested in this event and our participation limited Pro-Zoom account, we have decided to limit access to Zoom to svc members and reg12 directors. 

    Feel free to share our Live Stream Link information and website links with your chorus members, we will be monitoring the YouTube Chat for questions and comments.
    YouTube Video URL:
  • Slightly Batty Guest Night - ZOOMtastic
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Sep 30 2020
    Slightly Batty Guest Night - ZOOMtastic


    Sacramento Valley Chorus is offering a special Halloween treat that will last beyond candy treats. 
    Treat yourself to singing while Staying in Place and be ready to perform when safe from Covid-19.  
    Welcome to our Slightly Batty Guest Night - ZOOMtastic Harmony Academy,   
    Women of all ages are invited to ZOOMtastic - Harmony Academy. 

    Sing 4-Part Harmony, a cappella, Barbershop Style

    Wed, Oct 28, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

    For more fun, come in costume!  (Optional, of course!)

    Visit our website:

    Guests attending two rehearsals will be eligible for a private zoom voice lesson by Master Director Dede Nibler.  

    Don't miss out on this great opportunity.  

    Judi Naill
    Sacramento Valley Chorus
  • Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors Statement
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Jun 20 2020
    Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors Statement
    Dear Sweet Adelines International Members,
    The Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors met June 10-13 and with unanimous decisions, took action on several important issues that affect our members and how we all can better live out our organization's guiding principles. Here is a statement from the board regarding those decisions:
    In accordance with our guiding principles on the Culture of Belonging and Diversity & Inclusion (D & I), Sweet Adelines International rejects any song with racist lyrics, messages or history, and we consider them unacceptable for performance in any setting.

    Therefore, we commit to actions including but not limited to:
    • Changing our contest rules so that these songs will be unacceptable for performance in any contest setting. Performance of these songs in the 2021 Regional competition will result in a score penalty. Beginning with the 2021 International competition, it will result in disqualification. The phased implementation is to ensure that all members fully understand how to evaluate the lyrics, message, and history of a song before the disqualification penalty takes effect.
    • Establishing education and resources to teach our members how to determine if a song has a racist lyric, message or history. To support this, the development and release of the Song Evaluation Tool component of the D & I Chorus Toolkit is being accelerated. A more detailed schedule for its release will be shared the week of July 6, 2020.
    • Creating an ongoing, living database to which members can continually refer and share information regarding songs that have racist lyrics, messages or history.

    In addition to the decisions related to music with racist lyrics, the Board unanimously voted to establish the email as a way for members to confidentially contact us to share their concerns within the Culture of Belonging and D & I guiding principles.

    To ensure that the work of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force continues, the Board also took action to create a body to serve as the permanent stewards of this important work. This body will be known as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council and will be created with wide representation of our membership.

    As these initiatives are developed, additional details will be provided. We know that you have many questions about this, and we welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please contact us at

    In Harmony,
    International Board of Directors
    Joan Boutilier, President
    Thérèse Antonini, President-Elect
    Patty Cobb Baker, Immediate Past President
    JD Crowe, Treasurer
    Mary Rhea, Secretary
    Sharon Cartwright
    Paula Davis
    Leslie Galbreath
    Elaine Hamilton
    Jenny Harris
    Vicky Maybury
    Janice McKenna
  • Rehearsals during Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Apr 30 2020
    Rehearsals during Covid-19 Shelter-in-Place
    Join Us on Zoom!
    Contact: Membership Coordinator
  • Merry and Bright - Sacramento Valley Christmas Show
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Nov 8 2019
    Merry and Bright - Sacramento Valley Christmas Show
    Sacramento Valley Chorus Presents:

    40th Anniversary Celebration and Show
    Saturday, December 7th

    Tickets: $25
    Doors Open 1:30 PM
    Show Starts 2:00 PM

    Tickets can be purchased by contacting our Ticket Coordinator at
    Price Includes: Hors D'oeuvres, Coffee, and Cinder
  • Sacramento Valley Chorus - Celebrates 40th Anniversary
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Oct 16 2019
    Sacramento Valley Chorus - Celebrates 40th Anniversary

    On October 30, 1979, a few women met and chartered with Sweet Adelines International to form the Sacramento Valley Chorus.  One of the original founding members, Dar Haag, is still an active member of SVC.  They competed in the next regional competition in 1980, and proudly came in 15th place out of 31 choruses. They were jazzed! 

    The rest is history.  SVC has competed on the International stage four times: once in 1990, and three times in a row 2015, 2017 and 2019.  In addition to competing, the chorus sang at Carnegie Hall in 2012, and performs annually at shows, local events, Singing Valentines, etc. 

    One thing hasn’t changed in 40 years, SVC loves to sing and welcomes women of all ages to join us in singing this wonderful art form of four-part a cappella harmony.  Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings, 6:30 - 9:30 pm, Arena Christian Church, 4027 No. Freeway Blvd., Sacramento, CA

    Find more information about Sacramento Valley Chorus on our website: 

  • Choral Review -SVC Fall Festival Friends and Family Show
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Sep 11 2019
    Choral Review -SVC Fall Festival Friends and Family Show

    Capital Region Performance Gallery

    Choral Review
    Sacramento Valley Chorus - Sweet Adelines

    Fall Festival Friends and Family Show - September 7, 2019

    by Dick Frantzreb

    The Sacramento Valley Chorus is celebrating its 40th year as a chartered member of Sweet Adelines International, the women’s barbershop organization. And a great way for them to celebrate this anniversary year is by having the opportunity to compete in Sweet Adelines’ 73rd Annual International Convention and Competition coming up September 16-21 (2019) in New Orleans. It was their success in competitions last year that earned the Sacramento Valley Chorus (SVC), under the leadership of Master Director Dede Nibler, the invitation to compete at International this year ? an honor they had in 2015 and 2017, as well.

    As you become familiar with barbershop organizations, you quickly learn that barbershop choruses (and quartets, for that matter) are all about competition. Of course, there’s also the joy of singing, the camaraderie, and the thrill of performing. But barbershoppers ? at least at the highest levels where the Sacramento Valley Chorus currently resides ? embrace competition as a way to refine their art and pursue new paths of creativity.

    A week or two before major competitions, SVC has put on a “Friends and Family Show.” It’s an opportunity to show off for their biggest fans, most of whom won’t be able to follow them to a distant city for the actual competition. More importantly, though, this special show gives the chorus an opportunity to test themselves against a live audience, and discover last-minute ways to refine their performance.

    This time, the “Fall Festival Friends and Family Show” took place on a Saturday afternoon at Sacramento’s Arena Christian Center. Chorus member, Becky Garcia, served as emcee and welcomed the several hundred audience members.  She went on to explain a bit about SVC’s history and and let us know that in the presentation of their “package,” we would be getting a “taste of what it would be like to be at International.” As Garcia was speaking, the 84 members of the chorus entered in a single line from stage right in their attractive new costumes (below). Those at the front of the line stopped after filling the stage, facing stage left, and they presented cover for the rest of the chorus as they took to the risers behind them. As I watched these 15 or so ladies, with stage make up, carefully coiffed and with a pose that reflected discipline and confidence, their smiles reminded me of the way synchronized swimmers present themselves before entering the water.  To read the full article........

  • HOT OFF THE PRESS! SVC heading to New Orleans!
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 22 2019
    HOT OFF THE PRESS! SVC heading to New Orleans!
    The Award-Winning Sacramento Valley Chorus can't wait to hear our introduction on the Sweet Adelines International stage:

    "Now Contestant #25, from Sacramento California, under the direction of Master Director Dede Nibler, the Sacramento Valley Chorus!"    

    Sweet Adelines International Competition will be held September 16 - 21, 2019, at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.   Our friends and family who are unable to go to New Orleans may watch us live on the webcast:  We perform in the Semi Finals on Thursday, September 19, at 5:33 pm Central time, (3:33 pm California time). 

    Watch a sneak preview of our International performance by attending the Fall Festival on Saturday, September 7, 2:00 pm at the Arena Christian Center, 4027  N. Freeway Blvd., Sacramento.  Tickets are $10.   For tickets, see any chorus member or check our website:
  • Watch Sacramento Valley Chorus Compete - May 3rd and 4th, 2019
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Apr 29 2019
    Watch Sacramento Valley Chorus Compete - May 3rd and 4th, 2019
    Sacramento Valley Chorus is traveling to Sparks Nevada, to perform on the Sweet Adelines Pacific Shores Region 12 Contest Stage - MAY 3 - 5, 2019

    Please watch us on the webcast: R12WEBCAST.MEDIA

    We have three quartets competing on Friday May 3rd,
    • Sneak Preview:  contestant # 7 - performance time:  ~2::20 PM
    • Fresco: contestant #22 - performance time: ~6:00 PM
    • Whatever 4: contestant #24 - performance time ~6:20 PM

    Sacramento Valley Chorus will perform for Evaluation May 4th at 12:30 PM. We will perform again around 4:30 PM as the 2019 Wild Card Chorus Champions.  Be sure to sign on earlier to make sure you do not miss us.

    Thank you for your continued support and well wishes.

  • Performing for Evaluation at Region 12 Competition
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Apr 24 2019
    Performing for Evaluation at Region 12 Competition
    Sacramento Valley Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, is pleased to announce that they will be performing at the Sweet Adelines International Pacific Shores Region 12 Competitions in Sparks, NV, on Saturday, May 4, 2019! They get together weekly in the Sacramento area to practice and celebrate an art form known as barbershop singing!  They are lead by Master Director, Dede Nibler, who provides excellent educational opportunities for both the members and their community!
    SVC is proud to have been a competitor at the Sweet Adelines 2017 International Convention and Competition in Las Vegas, NV, where they placed 14th among 34 other world class competitors!  This year the chorus will journey to New Orleans, LA, to test their skills, once again, on September 19th.
    The chorus is always looking for women who love to sing and dance!  They rehearse at the Arena Christian Center 4027 N. Freeway Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834 – in the Natomas area!  If YOU love to sing, go to the SVC website for more information!   (
  • Big Day of Giving - May 2
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Apr 14 2019
    Big Day of Giving - May 2
    Big Day of Giving is coming soon,  Don't forget to make your donation.  Remember, you can donate as little as $15 and all donations are great!  Here's some important information:
    • We have $4000 in matching funds from anonymous donors!  That means that your donation will be doubled until all other donations equal $4000.
    • Please schedule your donation on April 15.  Valerie will contribut $10 for the first 20 scheduled donations and $5 for all other donations until midnight on April 15th. Thank you, Valerie!
    • Great news!  If you are a Golden One credit union member, Golden One will match your donation if you use your Golden One credit or debit card.  Let's go after those funds.
    • Ask your friends and family to donate.  Use whatever social media you are active on.  The link for donations is: Donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes immediately.  Put this link on your facebook page.  There is also information about our participation in Big Day of Giving on our website.
    • Here's how to donate:  Go the the link. Type Sacramento Valley Chorus in the box at the top right of the page, or on the middle of the page where it says "Find Your Cause."  Starting on April 15 there will be a donate button on our entry.  
    • If you are tech savvy (or even if your not) you can set up a fundraising "campaign" on the website. Click on "Learn More" and then on Fundraise.  Contacts that you reach out to will be able to see your campaign when they access the BDOG site.
    • And if you can, check out the other deserving organizations that are participating in Big Day of Giving.  This is a wonderful way to support non profit organizations in the Sacramento area.

  • Big Day of Giving - Sacramento Valley Chorus
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Mar 20 2019
    Big Day of Giving - Sacramento Valley Chorus

    Dear Friends and Colleagues:

    Sacramento Valley Chorus is participating in the 2019 Sacramento Region Community Foundation Big Day of Giving.  The Big Day of Giving provides a platform for eligible non profit organizations in the Sacramento area to receive donations from interested donors on a designated date.  To learn more you can visit the Big Day of Giving website:

    At Sacramento Valley Chorus we strive to “harmonize the world” by providing an opportunity to our members to learn and perform four part acapella barbershop harmony; and an opportunity to our audiences to experience this uniquely American art form.  This year, in addition to our local performances, we will be performing in competitions in Sparks, Nevada, and in New Orleans, Louisiana. With your support during Big Day of Giving on May 2, we can grow our impact in this community and beyond.

    Sacramento Valley Chorus is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Our Tax Identification Number is 94-2617400.  Donations are fully tax deductible. The minimum donation is $15 and all donations will help our cause.  You can schedule your donation in advance starting on April 15. To make a donation, visit and enter Sacramento Valley Chorus in the “Find Your Cause” text block.  Of course, if you prefer to donate by check you may mail a check to our Big Day of Giving team lead: Sarah Eary, 2721 Zane Drive, Woodland, CA 95776.
    Are you interested in being a matching fund donor?  Matching fund donations encourage additional donors because the amount attributed to matched donors is doubled until the total matching funds have been depleted.  Matching funds really do have a significant impact on potential donors. If you are willing to be a matching fund donor, please contact Sarah Eary at 925-212-5061.
    Thank you so much for your support.
  • Sang the National Anthem for the Kings vs Celtics 3-6*2019
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Mar 7 2019
    Sang the National Anthem for the Kings vs Celtics 3-6*2019
    Sacramento Valley Chorus had the honor to perform the National Anthem at the Kings vs Celtic game on March 6th.
    We had a blast. (Click on the  blue link)

  • July 2nd - SVC at Warriors Game - A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!!
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Jun 8 2018
    July 2nd - SVC at Warriors Game - A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY!!
    Sacramento Valley Chorus will preform the National Athem at the Golden 1 Center on July 2nd. If you would like to join us and watch the game, a limited supply of tickets are available. See the  flier and attachement. 
  • It is Official - New Orleans 2019
  •  Date Posted: Wed, May 30 2018
    It is Official - New Orleans 2019
    IT IS OFFICIAL -  Sacramento Valley Chorus has been invited to compete in New Orleans in 2019
    Our second place score at our Region 12 Compeition in Reno last month made us  eligible to compete as a Wildcard Chorus at the 2019 International Convention held in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are super excited. 

  • Region 12 Webcast - Sacramento Valley Performance information
  •  Date Posted: Tue, May 1 2018
    Region 12 Webcast  - Sacramento Valley Performance information

    Region 12 Webcast  
    $20: (live video stream of quartet & chorus contests, includes 3 weeks of video-on-demand following the live contest). 

    Sacramento Valley Chorus competiting  quartets perform at the following times on Friday:
    2:17 pm  contestant #7     Whatever 4 
    4:05 pm  contestant #16    Vibrance 
    5:59 pm  contestant #22    Fresco
    and the  chorus performs on Saturday  at approx time 3:24 pm - Sacramento Valley Chorus contestant 14th
  • April 29 - Spring Fling
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Apr 22 2018
    April 29 - Spring Fling

    Enjoy an afternoon of great music as the chorus prepares for regional competition and debuts our newest music. Featuring:

    • Performances from our competing quartets
    • Gourment snacks
    • Wine Pull Raffle

    Sun, April 29, 2018 
    2:30 PM – 4:00 PM PDT

    La Sierra Community Center 
    5325 Engle Rd # 100 
    Carmichael, CA 95608

    Book now

  • Sacramento Valley Chorus Place 14th at Sweet Adelines International Contest
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jan 30 2018
    Sacramento Valley Chorus Place 14th at Sweet Adelines International Contest
    Watch our performance at the last Sweet Adelines International Contest October 2017 in Las Vegas. We are very proud and excited about our 14th place finish and are looking forward to the coming year. 
    YouTube Video URL:
  • The Sacramento Choral Calendar - Concert Review - by Diane Boul
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Dec 9 2017
    The Sacramento Choral Calendar - Concert Review - by Diane Boul
    The Sacramento Choral Calendar

    Concert Review

    Sacramento Valley Chorus

    'Tis the Season To Be Jolly - December 9, 2017

    by Diane Boul
    What do you think of when you think of a choir or a chorus? Church choirs? Amateur community choirs? Maybe children’s choirs or one of the large professional choirs? These are all groups of people that come together to sing and, often, to entertain. They come in all types: all men, all women, mixed groups, professional-level, purely amateur, some better than others.

    Then there’s the Sacramento Valley Chorus, directed by Dede Nibler. They are pure theater! They sing, dance, and act, all with professionalism, sophistication, and with so much enthusiasm and fun. Sacramento Valley Chorus (SVC) is an award-winning, high-energy chorus of women dedicated to musical excellence in the performance of four-part a cappella harmony in the barbershop style. In 2017 they represented Region 12 at the Sweet Adelines International competition in Las Vegas, placing 14th.  That’s 14th in the world of Sweet Adeline choruses!

    One of the four categories on which SAI competitors are judged is expression: this includes matched open vowels, diction, and execution of interpretive plan, use of barbershop style and vocal drama, and emotional communication. If more choruses would adhere to these qualities in their singing, there’d be much larger audiences listening to much better choruses.

    Most choruses don’t have a distinctive sound that identifies them, but SVC does. It’s the barbershop sound that is revered by many and appreciated by so many more. Some folks just like that distinctive sound, while others delight in the tight harmonies that make this music difficult to sing. All barbershop groups (men and women) sing in four parts: tenor, lead, baritone, and bass, from highest voice to lowest, but these do not correspond well to classical voice parts. Each of the four parts has its own role: generally, the lead sings the melody, the tenor harmonizes above the melody, the bass sings the lowest harmonizing notes, and the baritone completes the chord, usually below the lead.

    According to the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), "Barbershop music features songs with understandable lyrics and easily singable melodies.” May sound simple, but if you have time, read what else the BHS and others say about the complexities of the barbershop tone and chords. The history of how barbershop evolved is really interesting and sounds very scientific and complicated. What you hear is no accident!

    The elements of the barbershop style and the names of the voice parts are the same for both men and women, but the ranges in each part are different, of course. The ideal balance in a chorus is about 40% bass, 30% lead, 20% baritone and 10% tenor singers. Fortunately, there are many arrangers with the skills to include the barbershop chord structure in their arrangements.  Today's barbershop quartets and choruses sing a variety of music from all eras — show tunes, pop, and even rock music have been arranged for choruses and quartets, making them more attractive to younger singers. I was disappointed that no mention was made in the program of these talented arrangers.

    The defining characteristic of the barbershop style is the ringing chord, one in which certain overtones of the four voices reinforce each other, sometimes so strongly that the overtone is perceived by the listener as a distinct tone, even though none of the voices are perceived as singing that tone. Wrap your head around that idea!! Barbershop music is always a cappella, because listening to anything but the other three voices interferes with a performer's ability to tune with the precision required.

    “Tis the Season to Be Jolly,” Sacramento Valley Chorus’s concert at the Oak Hill Church in Folsom on this day, mixed the finals package from their competition in Las Vegas with an impressive array of Christmas songs, plus three costume changes along the way. Oak Hill Church was perfect for this group, because they have a huge following.  This spacious hall accommodated all of them, and it was almost full. There wasn’t a problem acoustically, because the singers were heavily miked with professional equipment, so the sound was full and even. I noticed how dressed up members of the audience were. This was a nice change from the casual attire I see at most concerts  definitely not a jeans affair.

    (Click here to open the program in a new window.)

    Emcee Gwen Marks asked the audience to imagine the Road to OzVegas, another tale of Oz, which was a parody on the Oz plays, including The Wizard of Oz,The Wiz, and Wicked.  The Oz characters were well-represented, including Dorothy (director Dede Nibler); the Tin Man; the Lion; the Munchkins; the Wicked Witch of the West; Glinda, the Good Witch of the South (or the North if you go back to the original movie), etc.

    This was a really creative skit about auditioning a new baritone for the competitive quartet of witches. Beginning with “Pure Imagination,” the skit progressed to “Move on Down the Road” as the auditions went on. This actually made sense if you were there, and it was hilarious how they continued to weave the Oz songs into their parody, including the revivalist, “Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News”; “Popular,” Glinda’s teaching moment for the quartet; and the finale, “Brand New Day.”  Then the frenetic characters, along with the crazy, costumed, backup chorus, left the stage. This could have been the end of the show, and we would all have gone home happy; but no, SVC was just getting started!

    The next introduction was to guest artists, Artistic Licensea quartet from the barbershop chorus, Voices of California (another Sacramento group worth hearing). Their “Silver Bells” rang out in this hall:  just beautiful. “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” brought us beautiful harmonies with broad vocal ranges. This piece was arranged by Deke Sharon, heralded as "The Father of Contemporary A Cappella."

    “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” was arranged by bass, Jason Dyer, and featured him. In this number, I was particularly impressed by the way they all seemed to breathe together. It was obvious that they were listening to each other and adjusting as necessary to keep the voices in balance. “We Three Kings of Orient Are,” written in a jazzy, rock rhythm with beatboxing accompaniment was one of my favorites. I never realized barbershop singing could be so versatile.

    Jason then talked about Joseph being somewhat forgotten in the Christmas story.  So, from Joseph’s point of view, they sang “Joseph’s Lullaby,” written by Christian rock band, MercyMe, and featuring baritone, Gabe Caretto. This was a touching lullaby, so smooth and lilting and impeccably sung. This ought to be in the repertoire of more choruses. Completing their set, Artistic License sang a medley of Santa Clause-themed songs. I really didn’t care for the barbershop arrangement of this piece.

    Emcee Gwen then told us that SVC had a quartet qualified to represent Region 12 (Northern California) in the International Competition for quartets. Called Fresco, Sandy, Megan, Margaret and Marriann entertained us with the upbeat, “Come On, Get Happy,” a very expressive “Chances Are,” and a scatty number, “Nobody But Me.”

    Then the two quartets, Artistic License and Fresco, sang as a double quartet. Their vocal blend was smooth, the harmonies very tight. This was interesting and perhaps a little unconventional, since barbershop choruses/quartets are not usually mixed, but it worked for me. 

    The entire chorus returned to show us why they were 14th in the world at the 2017 Sweet Adelines International Competition, singing “Over the Rainbow” and “My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms,” both with choreography. (See YouTube, Contestant #14 Sacramento Valley Chorus for the live performance, complete with cartwheels.)

    Intermission was an event with lots of items for sale, including gifts and snack food and drinks.

    The chorus returned with “Angels We Have Heard on High,” and then the audience got a chance to sing a Christmas round with the chorus, along with a few other well-known carols. It was a rousing affair, because there were hundreds of people in the audience. I think they must all have been singing.

    I regret to say that I had to miss the rest of the concert, but at 5:00 p.m., this concert (which started at 3:00 pm) was only a little more than half over. I had another engagement, so I had to leave. I missed the light and funny Christmas songs I’ve heard before, but I feel confident that they were done to the standards demanded by this group of women. I did want to hear the Whatever 4 quartet, another Region 12 quartet (you can hear them at and the SVC small ensemble, Extension Chords. I also missed one of my favorite Christmas songs, “Mary Did You Know?” Maybe it’ll turn up on YouTube, sung in the inimitable style of the Sacramento Valley Chorus!

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  • SAI - Contestant 14 - Sacramento Valley Chorus
  •  Date Posted: Sun, Oct 1 2017
    SAI - Contestant 14 - Sacramento Valley Chorus
    Watch Sacramento Valley Chorus as the 14th Contestant in the Sweet Adelines Internation Semi-finals competition on Thursday, October 12 around 1 pm. Log on early so as not to miss our performance. We truly appreciate all your support as we have journeyed on the road to Oz Vegas!

  • Harmony Academy / Holiday Edition
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Sep 1 2017
    Harmony Academy / Holiday Edition
    Each year Sacramento Valley Chorus opens their doors to welcome women singers to come to our event, called "Harmony Academy". This is a seven-week program where women join us at our rehearsals and learn or review the songs that the chorus sings during the holidays and at our holiday show. It provides them the opportunity to sing our style of music and to sing with us during the holidays. If they happen to get bitten by the a cappella bug we are happy to welcome them back after the holidays. 

    Register Today! 

  • Friends and Family Performance
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Aug 25 2017
    Friends and Family Performance
    SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
    Richard Brunelle Performance Hall
    315 W. 14th Street, Davis, California, 95616
    7 - 9 pm


    Enjoy an evening of great music as the chorus prepares for International competition
    in Las Vegas. We will be getting in some stage time singing for our very best audience!     

    Our family and friends!

    FREE Admission      
    Donations Welcome!