April 2022 Chapter Chats article for Region 12

April 2022 Chapter Chats article for Region 12
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Posted By: Petra "Piet" Chini
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Date Posted: Sat, Apr 16 2022
We are so happy to be back together. The rehearsal hall is filled with an excited hum as we greet each other every week. With each step up onto the risers, we get stronger not only physically but also emotionally. There is no better place to be but back surrounded by our riser sisters and feeling the hug of four-part harmony while ringing chords.  
This past month, the highlight at SVC was a 3-day coaching session with Ryan Heller: learning, singing, and laughing – what could be more fun than that? We so enjoyed the opportunity to experience Ryan doing what he does best!
The ‘lowlight’ this month was that our new riser trailer was broken into, and our new sound system, keyboard & stand were stolen, so we are once again looking for a new rehearsal hall since it appears we really do need a place where we can store everything inside a building. We choose to be resilient in the face of setbacks and are moving forward optimistically!

Upcoming events in April include:
  •  April 2 - Bingo Fundraiser
  •  April 4 - Social Event of Quilting & Crafts
  •  April 13 - Book Club Meeting
  •  May 1 - Friends & Family Show
All events are open to the Region.  See our calendar here: https://www.sacramentovalleychorus.com/dbpage.php?pg=calendar

Lastly, we welcomed new members: Cindy Taurone (lead). We are thrilled to be moving forward and adding a wonderful new singer to our chorus!
Cindy Taurone, Bonnie Garlow, and Cindy Henry