Chorus Rehearsal

6:30pm, Wed, Feb 27 2019

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  • Type of event: Rehearsal
    Venue: For one day only:
    Carmichael Recreation and Park District. 5750 Grant Avenue, Carmichael


    Rhearsal on February 27th will be held at: 
    Carmichael Recreation and Park District. 5750 Grant Avenue, Carmichael

    We are currently looking for a new rehearsal location. Thank you for your understanding.

    Traveling eastbound on Fair Oaks from Watt Avenue, Grant is the next stoplight after Landis.  Turn left and look for a one story building on your left just past the tennis courts.  There is a driveway to the right of the building with ample parking in back.  Enter through the back door - NOT the front door unless one of us can let you in.  If you are traveling westbound on Fair Oaks from Sunrise or Manzanita, it's the next stoplight after Sutter.  Turn right and go past the tennis courts.  The name on the building is the Community Clubhouse.  On the left of the building is a small district office.  Don't try those doors.  As above, enter the driveway to the right of the building and you will find ample parking in back.  Enter the facility through the back door.  There are pictures to help you locate this place and will be sent with this message.  See you all there.


    VISIT US ANYTIME! You are always welcome.

    Sacramento Valley Chorus is more than just an a cappella ensemble, it is a family! We love getting together each week, and sharing friendships as well as great music!
    Do you sing along with the radio? Do you like to sing harmony? Has it been awhile since you sang and you miss the joy it brought into your life? If you are looking for fun, friendship and the excitement of singing 4-part harmony, then Sacramento Valley Chorus is for you! Come join this high energy, award winning chorus for an evening of singing and fun.  All our rehearsals are open to the public and to potential new members, so why not pay us a visit.

    We rehearse every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm, at McClellan Conference Center 5411 Luce Ave, McClellan Park, Ca 95652 - on the second floor in the "Mess Hall"