Want to become a member?


Sacramento Valley Chorus is more than just an a cappella ensemble, it is a family! We love getting together each week, and sharing friendships as well as great music!

Do you sing along with the radio? Do you like to sing harmony? Has it been awhile since you sang and you miss the joy it brought into your life? If you are looking for fun, friendship and the excitement of singing 4-part harmony, then Sacramento Valley Chorus is for you! Come join this high energy, award winning chorus for an evening of singing and fun. Come check us out. You will be glad you did!

Becoming a member....Sacramento Valley Chorus welcomes guests to their rehearsal. The chorus is always looking for women who enjoy singing and would like to participate in a group such as ours. In order to get a good understanding of Sweet Adelines and our chorus, we encourage our guest singers to visit several times so they can have a chance to “try it out” before they make a commitment.

During the first few visits, guests are provided with information about the Sweet Adelines organization and/or the Sacramento Valley Chorus and the expectations of membership. The Membership Chairperson or her representative is available to answer questions. Songbooks are provided for use during the rehearsal and guests are welcome to sing on the risers with the members unless the chorus is preparing for a performance. (During those times our guests become our audience, which is much appreciated.) After the second visit, the handouts include a copy of a song used to audition for membership. (Guests can also purchase a CD of the song to listen to and practice with, in preparation for their audition.)

Once a guest has decided that she would like to join us, the Membership Chairperson assists her with the steps for becoming a member.

Members of our chorus support guests throughout this process so that they will feel comfortable and also get to know more members each time they come. Bring a friend and come sing with us. It’s GREAT fun! 

See you at our next rehearsal!

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