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We are on the road to New Orleans 2019
- stay focused - Stay in the know refer to this timeline by Dede:



Harmony Academy continues, for those members who are joining us at our Batastic Carnival, until October 24 - Guests become members and a Rookie Class emerges.
Rehearsals are spent on Batastic music. We will sing three songs that are NOT barbershop, but are fun Halloween songs: Thriller, Adams Family, and ....  Repertoire songs to be sung will be: Imagine, Jump, Jive and Wail, Moondance, Pure Imagination, What Would I Do Without My Music, Smile (maybe). This list will change to include one or two others.
Music Team analyzes their level of success in raising the skill level of the chorus in the identified areas. 
ST LOUIS International, October 16 - 20. Dede and others gone October 17. There will be a rehearsal for the show that night
OCTOBER 27 - BATASTIC HALLOWEEN PARTY CABARET -  Chorus in Halloween Costumes 

Rehearsals focus on Smile and Wee, Small Hours of the Morning - 6:45 to 8:45 PM
Guests will become members.
Duet Sectionals, double quartet performances during rehearsal
Christmas Ensemble will rehearse from 8:45 to 9:00 PM - this is a small (30ish) ensemble that wishes to perform during the holidays. We will dress in Dickens kind of outfits and sing songs we know already. IF the ensemble wishes, we will learn a 3 part Christmas madrigal. Music will be used for performance.
Chorus dark November 21; Dede gone Nov 28

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