Small Ensembles

Small Ensembles

Sacramento Valley Chorus as a whole may be too large for your event. If so, try out one of our smaller groups of singers. We are proud of our quartets, our Extension Chords and the Encore Harmony Quartet. Be sure to contact the Performance Coordinators to find a group that will fit your needs. 



The Extension Chords is a group of 14 women who are active members of the Sacramento Valley Chorus, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, a barbershop singing organization. These women are available to perform in smaller venues that would not accommodate the larger 100+ member Sacramento Valley Chorus. We sing for a wide variety of groups, such as schools, retirement groups, and convalescent homes. Our purpose is to demonstrate our joy of singing and spread information about our uniquely American craft, four-part a cappella harmony in the barbershop tradition. We know we have succeeded when we notice the audience tapping their toes or singing along with us.

This musical group currently has no Director., but are doing an informal search.  The assistant director is Bonnie Flint.

This group is available for performances. Contact the Extension Chords Performance Manager.

General public contact: Bonnie Flint

Rehearsal day and time: Friday's @ 9:30 am
Rehearsal venue: Fair Oaks United Methodist Church

The Extension Chords Members

Ruth Ault
Bonnie Flint
Darlene Haag
Judy Halloran
Cindy Henry
Jan Onishi

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Encore Harmony is an a cappella double quartet. Members of Encore Harmony include a music teacher, a realty finance officer, and a retired sheriff’s deputy. Several of us are retired and semi-retired.  We’re busier than we were when we had full time jobs!

This experienced ensemble performs a variety of four-part harmony for special public and private events during the year including holiday entertaining. You may even see a musical instrument or two or three.

We perform at various venues during the year including State Fairs, Service Clubs, Military functions, convalescent and retirement homes, private parties, concerts and shopping malls . . . to name a few.

We invite you to enjoy the musical and comedic talents of the ladies of Encore Harmony.

Current history of these members
Adrienne Wright and Jannie Baker are currently members of SVC
Mikki Melton, Mary-Lou Munson, Dawn Wisecarver, Joan Eckert and Christi Shea
are former members of SVC
Dawn Wisecarver, Mary-Lou Munson, and Joan Eckert are currently members of Sierra Gold Chorus
Christi Shea and Mikki Melton are currently Chapter At Large Members
Dina Lalkaka is new to the organization and soon to be a Chapter-at-Large member.

Double Quartets have 8 singers, even though the above picture only shows 7 singers. Dina was MIA.
Tenors: Jannie and Dina                   Leads: Mary-Lou and Christi
Baritones: Joan and Adrienne        Basses: Mikki and Dawn

The original group was formerly known as "ENCORE", a double quartet
Over the years there were some changes with the personnel.
General public contact: Mary-Lou Munson


Small Group Members

Christi Shea
Adrienne Wright


- Learning Track Making Artist

Rehearsal day and time: As Needed
Rehearsal venue: Dede's
4321 New land Heights Drive.
Rocklin CA 95765

Track Makers Members

Sue Barkley
Kirby Cass
Dede Nibler
Marty Pacini

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